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Affluent Insights executes strategic and hyper-targeted tactical marketing for clientele who seek to compete more effectively.  Every brand requires a strategy unique to their marketing objectives and we will work closely with you to ensure your advertising reaches your desired, and most predictive, prospect.

We also work closely with many agencies (either as a partner, consultant, or white label) in the real estate, fashion, mass, home furnishings, and luxury sectors.

By leveraging the wisdom of our experience, data, privacy protections, and leading-edge technologies we position your brand in front of your best prospects.  Some examples:

  • Members at private clubs
  • Anyone with an email address
  • Donors to either political party
  • Golfers with a net worth >$10m
  • Retain wealth management firms
  • Those who’ve downloaded an app
  • Musicians with a net worth >$10m
  • Shoppers at a competitor’s location
  • Jet owners and those who fly private
  • Philanthropists with a net worth >$10m
  • Fine art collectors with a net worth >$10m
  • Shopping for a new home – any price point
  • Have a net worth >$1m, >$2m, >$5m or >$10m
  • Children are a certain age and/or home is a certain value
  • Who own large parcels of land: 20 acres, 30 acres, >40 acres
  • Anyone who may be an influencer; designers, editors, realtors, etc.
  • Own a Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, W, or Mandarin Oriental branded residence
  • Retain travel, wellness or other companies indicating they live a ‘luxury lifestyle’ 
  • Drive exotic and luxury cars; from a Rolls-Royce or Bentley to a Mercedes Benz and Audi, etc.
  • Attend industry events including yachting, watches, art, design, equestrian, trade shows, etc.
  • Specific professions including physicians, Architects, interior designers, lawyers, journalists, etc.
  • Engage in hobbies indicating they’re a good prospect; sporting, auto, watch or fine art collectors, etc.


Regardless of who or where your best prospect may be, we will get your brand in front of them.

Our expertise is innovative marketing to ensure you reach your best prospects at the right time with the appropriate messaging.  Our clients range from small locally owned businesses to the world’s finest luxury brands.

We’d like to serve you too.  Please call 561.876.8077 for a confidential discussion.