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“…truly a leader in the understanding of the ultra high net worth individuals.”

Craig Dickmann

Lugano Diamonds

Chris Ramey is the most highly regarded and most often quoted authority on best business practices to serve affluent prospects; including classic luxury marketing, service and experience, branding, culture, loyalty, sales and marketing strategies/tactics.

Ramey provides professional consulting and tactical marketing services, keynote presentations and panel moderation.

Companies retain Chris Ramey because every organization, regardless of size, has been affected by changes in the market. There have been substantial shifts in how consumers acquire product, how they define value, how they digest advertising, what resonates and what causes a dissonant response.  You don’t sell to the affluent; you fascinate and match values. Where you’re seen, with whom you’re associated and what you believe are as important as what you sell; certainly more important than price.

Chris Ramey’s experience and background offers clientele a unique perspective and opportunity to transform and accelerate their growth.

If your imperative is to grow profitably and intelligently, then call Chris Ramey.  His entire career has been focused on effective marketing, serving and selling strategies to affluent consumers.

Ramey is an insightful and pragmatic strategist who can help you transform and amplify your brand to accelerate your growth.  

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