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What our clients say

“I was at the Luxury Home Design Summit in Chatham and heard your presentation this afternoon. You were fantastic! By far the best speaker of the event and it was great to leave on a high note.

Your message resonated with me… I feel like you already know my clients.”

Ed Loughran
Charles River Wine Cellars

Chris Ramey delighted our attendees with verve and humor, and was supremely suited to be our closing talk. He adjourned our event with resounding acclaim from our audience!” 

Luba Hrynyk
Event and Conference Director
Luxury Home Design Summit

“You absolutely crushed your presentation!! The audience was engaged, energized, and informed!! This was quite a feat considering you were the very last person after a 3-day Conference!!

Owning my business for over 36 years, being very active in our industry, and having served as President of the Industry Foundation for the American Society of Interior Designers, as well as on the Board of IFDA, I have attended many, many presentations, nationally. I would rank yours in the Top 5!!

What a treat to end the Conference with! I highly recommend anyone serving the luxury community to work with you!

Michelle Southworth
MWI Fiber-Shield

“To say your “Laws of Luxury” Keynote for the North Miami Beach Chamber lunch was a hit would be an understatement.

It was truly a remarkable experience to watch you in action.

You captivated the crowd with your style, quality content, and humor, and the audience was so engaged they didn’t want you to stop.”

Leslie Loewenthal
Executive Director
The Greater North Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

“Wow! What an engaging presentation! Chris recently presented The Laws of Luxury for Travel Advisors at our annual 2022 ULTRA Luxury Travel Advisor summit. The audience, consisting of North American Travel Advisors working on behalf of affluent clients, and Luxury Global travel suppliers were absolutely gripped.

The content was on point – the pace was fast, fun and relevant – it seemed everyone resonated with some part of Chris’s presentation and the chat afterwards rippled into dinner and breakfast the next day, creating more points of discussion amongst our delegates, further bringing them together! What a skill to have everyone engaged from beginning to end.  

Thanks Chris, fabulous work!

Bev Bailey
London, England
Questex Travel Group Europe

Working with Chris and Precise Marketing/The Home Trust International on a high-net-worth individual marketing campaign was both refreshing and rewarding. First, it was refreshing because of their clear expertise and transparency in all their services. The client dashboard was helpful in tracking important metrics and Chris took time with me, from the start, to make sure the accountability was exactly correct and confirmed with third-party data. I appreciate this attention to detail! Second, the project was rewarding as we were able to get really high frequency and brand recognition in a difficult-to-reach market. Chris kept a close eye on the data and the campaign and it was a real pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend their services if you have a luxury brand or product that you would like to market to that elusive affluent audience!

Stephanie Wandke
Cancun, Mexico
io Web Design & Strategy


“Chris Ramey delivered a brilliant presentation to our interior designer group. He was insightful, funny, engaging, wisdom-full, smart, charming, warm and all while delivering information that offered incredible learning, paradigm shifts, ignited inspiration for action and a bucketful of takeaways.” 

Katie Gutierrez
Miami, Florida
Errez Design

“…truly a leader in the understanding of the ultra high net worth individuals. You are filled with wisdom acquired over your auspicious career that you are only too happy to share.”

Craig Dickmann
Palm Beach/Newport Beach
Lugano Diamonds

“It is with a thankful heart that I sing your praises… I own a very successful tuxedo store in Palm Beach County and yet hearing your presentation realized how much I was lacking… Tomorrow we launch my Private Collection nationwide!  Thank you for giving of your time and to someone in an industry you’re familiar with!  May our paths connect in the future.”   

Susan Damon
The Tux Shop Palm Beach

“Marine Marketers of America was seeking a professional speaker for our bi-annual national conference and membership meeting to present on the topic of luxury marketing. After researching a variety of options, we were thrilled to connect with Christopher P. Ramey and engaged him to customize a keynote for our audience of leading marine marketing professionals.

In my 35+ year career (which includes booking marketing speakers for numerous marine manufacturers, organizations and associations), I have to say my experience in working with Chris was among the very best. He was highly responsive to my questions and directives. He also invested time to research and better understand my audience, along with the consumers we serve. In addition, Chris did an outstanding job of sharing compelling facts, coupled with strategies, that resonated with our audience. He did a terrific job of engaging our members throughout the presentation, keeping it fast-paced and upbeat. He also successfully integrated our event sponsors in a clever, non-commercial way that was cool and scored big points!

However, the real test of a speaker’s success is whether they impart valued techniques, tips, strategies or tactics that can be deployed by the audience post-presentation. I asked our association members from the podium if they had at least three to five solid takeaways they could immediately apply to their business and every hand in the room shot up, followed by a rousing round of applause.

Thanks, Chris, for doing such an awesome job and for sharing your expertise with our association. We all learned a lot in a short amount of time … and I would fully expect we will invite you back for more in the days ahead. You’re a Rockstar!”

Wanda Kenton Smith
President, Marine Marketers of America
President, Kenton Smith Marketing


Chris is an amazing charismatic speaker. He is a subject matter expert in luxury marketing and strategies who can deliver powerful speeches to small and large audiences. I have seen Chris in action where he got over 400 people on their feet playing and participating. He is a magician with audiences and his sense of humor is second to none. I highly recommend Chris to organizations who need a boost in their premium positioning, in their luxury branding and who need a great speaker to wake up spirits.

Stephan M. Liozu, Ph.D.
Author, Pricing Guru

“Chris Ramey’s humor and message engaged and captivated 1500 attendees.  Ramey has the unique ability to drive home the core message in such a way that it resonates with everyone. His thoroughly engaging and warm presence on stage opens the door for a great learning experience.”

Bob Sharak
Executive Vice President
Cruise Line Industry Association CLIA
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I’ve heard all the speakers on luxury and the affluent, and Chris Ramey is the best.

Emmett Laffey
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Laffey International Realty
New York


“You provided exactly what we were looking for in the program. Thanks again for being a part of our team. You were the star of the program!”

Jan Loomis
National Vice President, Real Estate Marketing, Coldwell Banker


“My name is Jon Spector and I am the Strategic Board Chairman/President of Dornbracht Americas. Dornbracht is a world-recognized leader in the manufacture and brand marketing of luxury bath fittings and accessories. I have recently attended Chris(topher) Ramey’s presentation on “Selling Luxury in the New Economy”. Having been in the luxury industry for over 25 years, I have worked with numerous people who each have their own idea as to luxury and affluence, and how to communicate with and sell to this target group in an effective way. Unfortunately, many miss the mark. Chris does (hit the mark), and does so in an energetic, passionate and dynamic fashion. His seminar defined clearly this select consumer, their perspectives, their wants and their needs. I found the presentation to be a brilliant combination of statistics, insight and interaction that resulted in a learning experience that was well-worth my time and attention. I highly recommend Chris as not only a speaker, but as a facilitator for the audience so they may absorb the information presented and to open their minds to the new world we all face today.”

Jon Spector
Dornbracht Americas Inc.
Atlanta, Ga.


“I am so blessed to be in the Christopher P. Ramey and The Home Trust International orbit of luxury, business, and marketing. Christopher is an excellent mentor and leader in teaching those like me how to elevate their brand to the top level. It is clear to anyone that hears him speak that he knows the bespoke world better than everyone else out there. With his kind heart, listening ears, and visionary focus, Chris has this magnetic pull to reach out to the UHNW and HNW audience in the most spectacular way possible. Truly, Chris is one-of-a-kind. As a Millennial, I am so grateful to be part of Christopher’s influential sphere. I look forward to learning more from his leadership and guidance as I continue my career.

Michelle A. Nguyen
Philanthropy Consultant
Alliston Executive Services
Honolulu, Hawaii

What a great day as I awoke with new inspiration…….all thanks to you and your wonderful presentation. It’s not often I am so engrossed in the information presented.”

Cheryl Giannunzio
Realtor, RE/MAX

“Best speaker in 33 years.”

Allyn Jacobson, OD
The Founders Club
Miami, Florida

“You were our guiding light for this.” (after successful rebranding)

Lauri Buffum
Carlisle Wide Plank Floors


When I became president of the SMA, I suggested Chris as our keynote speaker for our biggest event ever, our 30th anniversary conference in Santa Fe. Chris delivered. He’s got energy, inspiration and insight that people will act on. What’s more, he consulted with me in the months before the event to make sure he understood our association’s constituency thoroughly.

I heard Chris speak at luxury design events I had attended in the past. In every case he was highly inspiring, with hard data to back up his message. In Santa Fe he was able to motivate our people and inspire them to new aspirations in their careers and businesses. Myself included. 

Shawn Christman
Stairbuilders & Manufacturers Association (SMA)


Recently I had the opportunity to hear Chris conduct the keynote speech at the Stairbuilders and Manufacturer’s Association annual conference. Chris is full of insights on how the affluent members of society make purchases and in one hour offered actionable tips that participants could implement immediately.

During the weekend conference I had the opportunity to speak with Chris 1:1 several times. Chris is funny, interesting and knowledgeable but most of all – he is genuine and a man of integrity. My 14 year old daughter was with me and he was able to speak with her and relate with her as well as he was able to relate to a master craftsperson who was attending the conference. If you are working to reach clients in today’s internet/social/mobile world with luxury in home items that cost in the high 5, 6 or even 7 digits – I recommend that you consult with Chris or have him speak at your event.

Thank you for your wonderful presentation… Your insights were great and I am happy that I was able to listen to you speak and take something away from your presentation. Again thank you.”

Wayne Herring
Herring Coach, LLC
Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania


“Chris Ramey is the epitome of sincere enthusiasm combined with the proper positive attitude necessary to inspire and lead by example those people wise enough to listen… You want to spend time with Chris because you will learn and leave his company feeling better about yourself and everyone else.”

Bernie Madden
Madden McFarland Interiors
Leawood, KS


“Your presentation was fabulous! It was a great learning experience for me! Your passion for business and your drive to succeed have inspired me to work harder and achieve more!”

Aigul Kubatbekova
Columbia College
Columbia, Missouri


“I really enjoyed your class at Generation Blue (Global Luxury). Most of all, I appreciated the insights that you gave. You were great.”

Sharon Roshek
Coldwell Banker Global Luxury 1st Choice Realty
Pikes Peak Region, Colorado


“Your impactful, motivational speech was full of great insights that I’ve already begun to apply. Thank you very much for such great guidance. Certainly as an opportunity arises, I will recommend you.”

Alishia Jackson-Graham
Association of Certified Foreclosure Paralegals
Miami, Florida


“I was thoroughly impressed. You are a very good motivational speaker and your energy was contagious. It was truly a pleasure.”

Jael Acevedo
Community College of Rhode Island
Warwick, Rhode Island


“Wow, was that a great event, or what. I really enjoyed your presentation speech and you kept it active and enjoyable, and yet at the same time made it very informative.”

Christina White
The Christina White Group
Dallas, Texas


“Chris is a consummate professional and a skillful leader, filled with creative ideas and the uncanny ability to see challenges as opportunities.”

Gale C Steves
Open House Productions
New York City, New York


“Thank you very much for your time and insightful presentation! We hope to see you in the near future again.”

Mark Theissen
Telemar Yachting
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


“Thank you, once again for a very well done seminar! I found it both informative AND very engaging.”

Dan Welland
Factory Tile Depot
Oakville, Canada

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris Ramey for many years. He has always impressed me with his perceptive insights into the luxury, high-end industry and its customers. His knowledge and expertise is impressive. He has helped our own company in developing a cohesive strategy to market and sell to a very specialized clientele. Finally, I appreciate his kindness, friendship and frank counsel over these last several years. He is a true professional and a great human being.”

George Sugarman
Decorative Carpets, Inc
West Hollywood, California


“Chris has an energy level that is contagious. It is impossible to be in the same room with him and not feel his enthusiasm and passion for business. He has a talent for finding commonalities among companies and recognizing the value in strategic alliances and marketing across product lines. Chris uses this skill to create innovative marketing strategies that meet the challenges companies face in an increasingly competitive global economy.”

Marc Huppert
Atlanta, Georgia


“By following his suggestions, advice, and recommendations, we have seen a dramatic change and growth in our business…”

John Martini
Colony Rug
Hanover, Massachusetts


“Let me give you some additional positive feedback! Everyone in your presentation got a lot out of it…..relevancy and depth of information is what we’re always looking for as an audience and you hit both of those. So….thank you! People were talking!!!”

Robin Brenner
Billie Brenner Ltd.
Boston, Mass.


“You were fantastic today! …I got a lot out of your interview and know my guests did as well.”

Heidi Richards
Founder & CEO, The WECAI Network
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, WE Magazine for Women
Miami, Florida


I really admire your presentation style – you must be one of the best presenters I have ever seen.“ (after presentation in Paris)

Rina Hansen.
Hummel International A/S