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FAST START to CAREER SUCCESS Making the Most of Your First Job: An Executive’s Advice to His Children: 36 Tips You Did NOT Learn in School Paperback 

Your first job is a time to develop habits and intuition for making good decisions, thus building a strong foundation for career success. I gave my son and daughter these 36 common-sense tips for making the most of their first job. For each tip, there is an example of how they applied it or later saw its relevance. They referred to these tips as they advanced through their careers. 

This book will help you make the most of your personal attributes, take advantage of challenges and opportunities, interact effectively with people within and outside of your organization, and, importantly, to achieve work-life balance while managing your career advancement. Applying these 36 tips instills habits of immediate value in your first job and throughout your career. Not limited to college graduates or people in business, this book reveals practices relevant to anyone starting their career in an organization, whether it be nonprofit, professional, or governmental. Adopting this advice and using it until it becomes instinctive, as it did for my daughter and son, will give you a FAST START to CAREER SUCCESS.